Fat Joe Comes To Dave Chappelle’s Defense Over Criticism From LGBTQ+ Community

Fat Joe wants people to stop criticizing Dave Chappelle for his controversial insistent joking about the LGBTQ+ community. The rapper explained his opinion on Chappelle’s stand-up during an interview with TMZ published on Monday.“They love him,” Joe said. “They love him. Everybody gotta take the time out and laugh. When it’s a comedian we look at it as fun humor laughter. Of course there’s some sensitive issues that our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community are facing which is fear, people beating ’em up for no reason. All types of things that are happening to ’em unfairly, but I don’t think Dave Chappelle making fun of them or me, I just laugh, you know? And I take it for what it is.”Phillip Faraone / Getty ImagesHe continued: “You mess around and walk into the comedy club after they already started and you try to get to your seat, they gonna tear you up for about a half hour…I think comedy has always been a relief. It’s always made fun of everything. Sometimes it’s too soon…but other than that, I love comedy. I love to laugh and that’s the beauty of comedy…he’s just being a comedian.”The comments come after the legendary comedian surprised fans at Chris Rock and Kevin Hart’s show at Madison Square Garden, on Saturday night. Hart later described the show as “the best moment of my career,” in a post on social media.At the show, Chappelle addressed the backlash to his Netflix special, The Closer, being attacked on stage at the Hollywood Bowl in May, and more.Check out Fat Joe’s discussion with TMZ below.[Via]

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