Fans Theorize What MGK’s “Twin Flame” Could Mean For Megan Fox

Fans of Machine Gun Kelly noticed a heartbeat sound hidden in his new track, “Twin Flame,” and think it could be a hint that Megan Fox is pregnant. The song is featured on Kelly’s new album, Mainstream Sellout.“New MGK song twin flame has a heartbeat in it. Megan Fox is pregnant. you heard it here first folks,” one user tweeted, this week.After the theory started to gain traction, others came to dispute it.“Y’all I’m a labor and delivery nurse I promise you the heartbeat on twin flame is not a baby’s heartbeat,” another user wrote.David Becker / Getty ImagesKelly was asked about the heartbeat sound during a live stream on Instagram, Friday, but did not confirm or deny the meaning of the sound.“I was actually wondering if anyone would pick up on, so I’m going to plead the Fifth on that one and just let you guys have that to guess what it is,” he said. “But yeah, it’s … that’s a rough one to talk about.”One fan guessed that “Megan Fox is either pregnant or she had a miscarriage.”Check out some of the ideas put forth by fans below.[Via]

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