Fans Injured At Lovers & Friends Festival After Alleged Gunshots Were Heard

Since the Astroworld tragedy, attending concerts and festivals has been scarier than ever. Many fans are cautious of their surroundings, and many performers keep their eyes locked on the crowd to make sure everyone is safe. In many instances, artists have stopped their performances and asked questions to ensure that no one is injured or in danger.However, as hard everyone tries, some things are just unavoidable. Yesterday (May 14), several fans were harmed at the Lovers & Friends Festival that took place in Vegas. After many claimed they heard gunshots, hundreds of people started charging for the exit, causing others to be trampled.TMZ got in touch with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for a statement. They told them, “Shortly after 10 PM, gunfire was reportedly heard near the site of the Lovers & Friends Festival, causing a large group of attendees to exit the venue. At this time, there is no evidence of a shooting and the initial report has been deemed unfounded. Three people were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries. The show has since resumed.”In an effort to keep everyone safe following the issue, workers of the festival flashed a bright pink sign that read, “ATTENTION: WE HAVE A SECURITY INCIDENT AT THE FESTIVAL. AUTHORITIES ARE INVESTIGATING. REMAIN WHERE YOU ARE AND WATCH THIS SPACE FOR FURTHER UPDATES.”After things seemed to have calmed down, the show continued with Usher performing. [via]

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