Elon Musk Vacations On Luxury Yacht In Mykonos After Being Hit With Mega Twitter Lawsuit

He may have just been slammed with a $44B lawsuit, but new photos snapped of Elon Musk on vacation in Europe show him looking more relaxed than ever.As Page Six reports, the father of 10 has been spending part of his summer in Mykonos, Greece. On Sunday (July 17), the paparazzi snapped pictures of the Tesla CEO aboard the luxury yacht “Zeus” on the Aegean Sea. Elon Musk seen on a speedboat in Mykonos, Greece on July 16th, 2022 — MEGA/Getty ImagesOther guests onboard included newlyweds Ari Emanuel (long said to be the inspiration for Entourage character Ari Gold) and Sarah Staudinger; it’s been noted that the boat costs nearly $20K per week and can accommodate a total of six guests in over three cabins, as well as room for the professional crew at Musk and co.’s beck and call.When he first got on board, the 51-year-old was seen wearing a plain white t-shirt and black swim trunks. He protected himself from the brightness and heat with a baseball hat and sunglasses, keeping a pair of flip-flops on his feet as well.Other photos found Musk being hosed down by Emanuel before jumping in the water for a swim and enjoying a cocktail before heading out to explore the island with friends.As we mentioned earlier, the South African engineer is in the midst of a legal battle with Twitter, which he was going to buy in a multi-billion dollar deal a few months back.Eventually, though, Musk pulled out due to a misunderstanding around bot accounts on the website, but the platform doesn’t plan to let him walk away from their deal without a fight – read more about the lawsuit here, and tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture news updates.[Via]

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