Draymond Green Responds To Chris Russo

Just a few days ago, Chris Russo went on First Take where he had some very harsh words for the likes of Draymond Green. Russo said that America was tired of Green and that he needed to shut up and play. JJ Redick immediately took issue with these comments and said that Russo was furthering rhetoric that is typically reserved for analysts on networks like Fox.As you can imagine, this led to a very viral moment on the show, and since that time, many have been debating the racial connotations of what Russo was saying. In fact, Green has now weighed in on the comments with a take of his own. As he explains down below, he was offered Russo’s role on First Take which is a sign that America isn’t, in fact, tired of him. He also addressed the racial connotations, noting that the days of “shut and dribble” are officially over.Justin Ford/Getty Images“Yesterday, he [Russo] goes on TV and he says ‘America is tired of Draymond Green.’ He then proceeds to say ‘shut up and play,’” Green said. “I’m not one to really pull a race card very often because I think we all know the role that race plays in a world that we live in, but that definitely had a racist connotation. […] “You will no longer be allowed to sit there and say what you want, you will no longer be allowed to put out these false narratives, you will no longer be allowed to not know what you’re talking about and we’re going to listen to you. Those days are long gone. You know why? Because we have guys like JJ Redick who’s done it, who speaks it, who knows how to speak on any different topic, who’s not afraid to shut an idiot up.” The NBA is a fraternity of sorts, so it is good to see players like Redick coming to Green’s defense. Having said that, it is quite clear that Green doesn’t exactly need defending. The man knows how to fend for himself, and he will continue to speak out, regardless of what Russo has to say.

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