Doja Cat Fires Back At Hater On Twitter: “Shut The F*ck Up Nerd”

Doja Cat traded shots with a user on Twitter, Tuesday, telling them to “shut the fuck up” and labeling them a “nerd.” The exchange was provoked when the hater asked Doja to “grow up.”“People r so fucking dumb istg it’s terrifying,” Doja had tweeted.The user in question responded: “Can you please grow up lmao. All you do is come online and rant about stuff. never anything positive or being grateful. Just constant negativity, it’s so embarrassing and sad tbh.”Kevin Winter / Getty ImagesDoja fired back: “Shut the fuck up nerd nobody gives a fuck.”The Planet Her artist added a screenshot of several posts that appeared to have been blocked from being posted, which read: “Pathetic. find a new hobby you fucking ghoul. you’re obsessed with me you fucking dog find another hobby.”Tuesday’s incident is far from the first time Doja Cat has gotten into it with people over the internet. Just last month, she had a public dispute with Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp, after the 17-year-old leaked their private DMs. In the messages, Doja had inquired about Schnapp’s Stranger Things co-star, Joseph Quinn. After the debacle, Doja appeared to have lost over 200,000 followers on social media.Check out Doja’s recent back and forth on Twitter below.[Via]

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