Desiigner Claims Bystanders Saved Him In Police Altercation

When Desiigner was pulled over on Wednesday, things quickly got out of hand. The rapper got into a shouting match with the responding officers, calling one of them a “racist b*tch” and asking them if they knew who he was.In a recent interview with TMZ, Desiigner now credits bystanders for de-escalating the confrontation, saying that they helped him cool down.Paras Griffin/Getty ImagesDesiigner claimed that his “anxiety start[ed] running” when he saw that he was getting pulled over at a gas station in Los Angeles, causing him to yell at the officers. According to the rapper, the officers threatened to use pepper spray and Tasers when he tried to get back into his car. “I see him on his gun and stuff, and I was like, ‘None of that, bro,'” recalled Desiigner.When one of the officers threatened the use of force, Desiigner decided he needed to ensure there were witnesses. “I felt like the smartest thing to do at that moment was to grab onto my Live, grab onto my supporters, people that are going to spread the word,” Desiigner explained. According to him, there were also fans at the scene, who helped lower the tension and make sure he was alright. The rapper said that his lawyer would be handling the ensuing legal ramifications of the altercation.Desiigner was pulled over for having no plates and window tint. He now says that he’ll be fixing both issues as soon as possible. Check out the conversation with Desiigner below, along with the original video taken by Tariq Nasheed. [via]

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