Deshaun Watson’s Upcoming Suspension Length Revealed

Deshaun Watson has been one of the biggest stories of the entire NFL offseason. After settling the vast majority of his sexual assault lawsuits, Watson has been subjected to a vigorous investigation from the NFL. Over the last few weeks, it has become increasingly clear that Watson will be suspended, although the main question has been, “for how long?”There were some people out there who thought Watson could be suspended for one to two seasons. This kind of punishment would be unprecedented, and most fans felt like it was a pretty unlikely amount of time. The Browns were certainly hoping so, especially after giving the quarterback over $200 million in guaranteed money.Nick Cammett/Getty ImagesAccording to Adam Schefter of ESPN, a decision was finally made regarding Watson this morning. As you can see in the tweet below, it has been revealed that Watson will likely be suspended for six games. This means that the Browns quarterback will be able to play in 11 games this season. Of course, this is not an ideal situation for the Browns, however, it is a lot better than some of the alternatives. Watson has been working hard with the Browns throughout the offseason, and it seems like he is fitting in nicely with the team. The AFC North is an extremely competitive division right now, and there is no doubt that Watson’s presence will have a huge impact on the AFC playoff picture come January.Stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the football world.

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