Deshaun Watson’s Suspension Expected To Be 2-8 Games: Report

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is reportedly expected to receive a suspension in the range of two to eight games in response to the dozens of civil suits that have been filed against him involving sexual harassment.Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explained that one of the strongest arguments supporting Watson’s surprisingly short suspension is a rule in the CBA that states that owners will be held to a higher standard than players.Nick Cammett / Getty ImagesWhile Watson is the focus of the case, the Houston Texans also settled 30 claims against them alleging that they played a role in assisting Watson’s alleged sexual misconduct.Florio wrote in his report: “At the hearing, the NFLPA focused on owners who either weren’t punished at all or whose punishments require a player like Watson to receive a lesser sanction. Since the hearing, the Texans have settled 30 claims against them specifically for their alleged role in Watson’s alleged sexual misconduct.”Watson’s camp is reportedly prepared to sue the NFL on these grounds if he is handed a year-long suspension.2022 will be the first year of Watson’s tenure with the Browns after he signed a massive five-year extension deal worth $230 million back in March. Watson had been traded from the Texans.Judge Sue L. Robinson is expected to make an official decision on Watson’s suspension in the coming weeks.[Via]

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