Deshaun Watson’s Accusers Go In Depth On His Alleged Advances

Deshaun Watson is about to get into training camp with the Cleveland Browns, however, he already has some controversy to deal with. The quarterback has been accused by 22 massage therapists of sexual misconduct and while he will not be criminally charged for these allegations, he is still being sued as part of a large scale lawsuit.Recently, two of his accusers, Ashley Holis and Kyla Hayes, went on HBO’s Real Sports where they spoke at length about the allegations against Watson and what he reportedly did to them. As you will see below, both Holis and Hayes went into great detail about his alleged actions, and they are adamant that they are telling the truth.Nick Cammett/Getty Images“As I’m working, he deliberately grabs himself and put his penis on my hand,” Holis said. “And I pulled my hand away instantly and I started crying. And I told him that I’m done. I don’t wanna do this anymore.”Eventually, Hayes went into a bit more detail about her own experience, saying “He wanted me to kinda make a V motion in his pelvic area. So go across his stomach to his thighs, back to his stomach. I just kept massaging and did what he asked until his penis kept touching me repeatedly as I did it. He was moving his penis back and forth as my hands moved as well.”Carmen Mandato/Getty ImagesIn the same episode of Real Sports, one of Watson’s attorneys, Leah Graham, claimed that Watson had sex with three therapists, however, it was always consensual.“Well, in every massage, I will tell you he did go, intending just for a professional massage, and only those three instances where sexual conduct occurred– consensual sexual activity– it occurred after the massage session had ended. And Mr. Watson has testified and is insistent that that sexual activity was initiated by the plaintiff in every single instance,” Graham said.Stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates pertaining to this story.[Via]

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