Deshaun Watson’s 24th Lawsuit Comes With Very Graphic Allegations

Deshaun Watson was facing 22 sexual assault allegations about a week ago before it became 23 on Friday. All of these women are currently suing him for sexual misconduct and by now, it has been well established that all of these women were massage therapists who Watson had sought out for their services.Today, Watson was hit with a 24th lawsuit and according to TMZ, the alleged victim, Katy Williams, has some pretty graphic accusations pertaining to the Browns star.Nick Cammett/Getty ImagesAccording to the report, Williams saw Watson for a massage back on August 5th of 2020. During that session, Watson was professional and things seemed to go pretty smoothly. However, a few days later, they had another session which eventually turned sour due to Watson’s alleged conduct. As she explains, Watson asked her to go up his thighs to the point where she was grazing his scrotum. From there, Watson got an erection and began to masturbate in front of her. Williams goes on to say that Watson ejaculated on her and when she went to go wash up, the QB pretended as though nothing happened. In the report, it was also stated that Williams faced emotional distress following the incident and even quit the profession. Now, she is seeking damages in the lawsuit.Nick Cammett/Getty ImagesThis remains a developing story so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates.[Via]

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