Dave East & Fivio Foreign Show Their Support For J.Cole’s Basketball Career

Now that J.Cole has dropped some new music, he’s returning back to professional basketball and he’s getting some praise for it. On Monday (May 23), Fivio Foreign and Dave East appeared in an interview with TMZ Hip Hop and talked about supporting Cole’s return to basketball to compete in the 2022 season of the Canadian Elite Basketball League. His first stint in the league was in Africa in 2021. In response to Cole’s return to the hardwood, Fivio Foreign rhetorically responded, “But you know what’s crazy? They said he’s been playing for the last three years, nobody even knew about it.” He continued, “I never seen him play but I heard he nice. Shit, him and Drake be balling.” Fivio did admit that he was a bit skeptical about Cole securing a starting position on the new team but still showed love. “Nah, he ain’t taking no opportunity, he nice. He nice, he play, he like to play. Whoever playing is playing – you can’t take a n*gga opportunity if he nice.”Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesThe B.I.B.L.E lyricist also spoke on how J.Cole has made his hoop dreams come true. “I think J.Cole gone – he a dedicated type of person so he probably going to be dedicated to it,” he said. Dave East also spoke on Cole heading back to the league. “That’s fire!”, he said. “That’s my dog. I’m glad he keeping – he not playing. He Staying on it so, I salute it. That’s my dog.” East added a few remarks about The Off-Season rapper receiving special treatment that helped him get into the league. “That’s a game that anybody can play, so I feel like he’s not stepping on a real ball player’s toes by trying to play. He’s just doing something else he wants to do. You can’t get mad at it, you gotta salute it. I salute it.”[Via]

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