DaniLeigh Realizes How “Messed Up” Her “Yellow Bone” Song Was

The full version of the song wasn’t even released but DaniLeigh’s “Yellow Bone” lyrics sparked backlash. It was a little over a year ago when the Def Jam singer popped up on social media with a video where her song played in the background and DaniLeigh was heard singing, “Yellow bone is what he wants.” She was dating DaBaby at the time and people quickly accused DaniLeigh of making the song to target Meme, the brown-skinned mother of the rapper’s daughter.DaniLeigh and Meme had been at odds online and their public spats made for controversial moments, but the singer’s mention of skin tone sparked a wave of backlash that she wasn’t prepared for. She recently caught up with Angie Martinez to speak candidly about her relationship with DaBaby and “Yellow Bone” was brought up during the conversation.Anna Webber / Stringer / Getty ImagesIn her new interview, Martinez brought up the controversy and asked DaniLeigh if she had any idea that it would be received that poorly. “No. When I did drop the snippet and saw how everyone reacted, I was like, ‘I messed up,'” said the singer. “I didn’t super realize it at that time and that’s why I responded like, defensive. But it was a horrible mistake. It was not a good moment, for sure, for me, and it was a hard time. In that time, like, a lot was going on in my life.””Me and Baby broke up, that happens, me and my family, I was pregnant, like, it was just all at once,” DaniLeigh added. “So, I was like, what is God trying to teach me right now ’cause it was definitely a learning lesson for me and I just want to say to everybody that I’m super sorry ’cause I—it was just a mistake. I’m a Dominican woman. I have family members that are dark-skinned, my daughter is a Black girl, like, it just was—to even speak on skin tone, like, I realize how messed up that is now.”Even with the apology, DaniLeigh has been receiving a new onslaught of reactions from critics who refuse to let her off that easily. Check it out below.

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