DaBaby Explains Incident Involving Intruder He Shot Earlier This Year

Months ago, frightening news was shared that there was a shooting at DaBaby’s North Carolina residence. It was later revealed that the hitmaker was the one who pulled the trigger, striking an intruder who had made their way onto the rapper’s property. DaBaby seemed to be in the clear with investigators and now, he’s sharing his side of the story on the Full Send Podcast.“They ain’t break into my house, they jumped a fence, onto the estate,” said the rapper. “They had a hoodie on and was, like, kneeled down behind a wall and some sh*t.”Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty ImagesDaBaby explained that at the time, he was working in the studio. It was allegedly his contractor who called him to let him know that there was someone on the football field.DaBaby claimed that the intruder jumped the fence surrounding his property and according to him, he felt as if the perpetrator had “ill intent.” The person survived the shooting, but DaBaby suggested that had his children been home, things may have turned out differently.Meanwhile, GossipOfTheCity reported that the shooting victim was an elderly man with dementia who was known in the neighborhood. This information has not been confirmed by any news stations, and it seems that no one has released information on the identity of the intruder. Instagram

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