D.L. Hughley Says Pete Davidson Is Antagonizing Ye With Neck Tattoo

Kanye West has remained lowkey over the past few weeks — a significant change of pace considering how he started off 2022. His public divorce from Kim Kardashian and the subsequent social media attacks on Pete Davidson led to many reactions, most notably from D.L. Hughley. Ye went in on D.L. for describing his actions as manipulative and abusive, which led to even more clap backs from the comedian’s friends.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty ImagesDuring a recent interview with TMZ, D.L. Hughley chimed in on Pete Davidson’s new tattoos that feature Kim and her kids’ initials. However he may have felt about Kanye’s public attempts at winning Kim back, he thinks it’s outright weird that Pete has North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm’s initials inked on his neck. Though he said that it’s Pete’s body and he’s allowed to do what he wishes, he said that Pete is antagonizing Kanye.”I think it’s his body, it’s his woman. That’s Kanye’s kids. That would piss me off,” Hughley said, explaining that he has his kids initials tattooed on him. “To me, the father’s alive, he’s taking care of his kids, there’s — I don’t know what that’s all about. That’s none of my business but if you tattooed my kid’s name on your neck, I’d have something to say about it.”Hughley went on to describe Davidson’s gesture as “troublesome.” “You puttin’ that man’s kids on your neck, that’s antagonizing,” he continued. “That’s out of pocket for me.”The comic went on to say that he isn’t aware of the specifics of Kim, Pete, and Kanye’s current standing but still doesn’t think it’s a smart move.”You already know it’s a volatile situation. Do you think that’s gonna help?” Hughley asked.

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