Consequence Answers If He Would Join Joe Budden On “Verzuz”: “Against ‘Pump It Up’?!”

Noreaga was stirring the pot just a little during Consequence’s appearance on Drink Champs, and judging by his laughter, he was amused by his friend’s response. Consequence has been an icon in the Rap game, working with and for artists like Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Kid Cudi, Beyoncé, Talib Kweli, Royce Da 5’9″, John Legend, Papoose, and more, so it was only fitting that Cons caught up with Drink Champs to detail his career’s highs and lows. During the lengthy conversation, Joe Budden was mentioned, and Cons’s history with the podcast giant is a sordid one. Many years ago, things even turned physical during a Love & Hip Hop reunion, but Cons explained that he “was never upset with Pump It Up.” Noreaga couldn’t stop laughing at Cons calling Budden by his classic hit.”I just felt Pump It Up came out as fake, so, moving forward, I don’t want to hear nothing else about Pump It Up,” said Cons. He then mentioned his new single “Blood Stain,” along with his other releases, adding, “I can’t argue about Pump It Up. I’m just sayin’, I can’t! Bro, I can’t argue about Pump It Up! I just won a Grammy, I’m gonna argue about Pump It Up? You told me I was a legend! I’m gonna argue about Pump It Up?”Nore chimed in to ask if Cons would do a Verzuz against Budden. The look on Cons’s face said it all. “Against Pump It Up?!… Would I do Verzuz against Pump It Up?!” Check out the clip below.

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