Chrisean Rock Gets BlueFace’s Face Tattooed On Her Throat

BlueFace and Chrisean Rock haven’t always had the best relationship. The two became an item back in 2021 when Rock got his name tattooed on her face. Now, more than a year later, it seems that she’s making it a tradition to get the rapper inked into her skin.Last night, the “Thotiana” artist posted videos of Rock in a tattoo chair. As she lay on her back, the camera zoomed in on her throat, which was covered with a portrait of BlueFace’s face. aHe then went on to include a conversation that they were having in the car, in which he said, “All I’m going to do is test you all day long… I’m going to ask you to do a bunch of stuff that I don’t really care if you do or not.” As she smiled into the camera she chimed in, “I do the most for you.” He responded, “Yeah you do, and I do, like, a little bit of the most for you.”They then began talking more about her newest addition to her body when BlueFace asked, “What’s that on your neck, though?” To which she replied, “Your face n*gga, so when they see me, they see you.”In recent news regarding Rock, she was arrested in New Orleans on May 13 for a bench warrant she had in Oklahoma. She had stolen her rapper boyfriend’s car in an attempt to drive it across the country to Baltimore, which is where she is from. She was also charged with drug offenses such as possession and distribution.

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