Charles Barkley Rips DeAndre Jordan Unprompted

Charles Barkley is a man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind whenever he is given the platform to do so. Typically, Barkley can be heard giving his opinion on things during Inside The NBA which appears on TNT. These opinions can sometimes be quite controversial, however, Barkley doesn’t really care who he offends. He gets paid to state his opinion, and he always does so in an unfiltered fashion. Recently, Barkley was a guest on “Inside The Green Room” which is a podcast hosted by Sixers star Danny Green. On this podcast, Barkley had some strong words for Green’s teammate DeAndre Jordan, who was horrible against the Miami Heat just a couple of nights ago. Barkley even went so far as to say that Jordan needs to stop playing minutes, altogether.Michael Reaves/Getty Images“DeAndre needs to be sitting over there beside Doc Rivers and those guys. It’s over for DeAndre. He’s had a hell of a career, but he can’t play, especially in today’s NBA. In today’s NBA, if you can’t move, it’s very difficult for you,” Barkley said via NBC Sports. “Big guys who can’t move can’t play in today’s NBA game, and that’s not fair for DeAndre to put himself out there.”These are bold statements to make when talking to the man’s teammate. He clearly put Green in an uncomfortable position as the Sixers star was forced to defend him. However, if you’re a Sixers fan, you can’t help but agree with what Barkley is saying.Stacy Revere/Getty Images for The Match[Via]

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