Charles Barkley Hilariously Trolls Shaq Over Rudy Gobert Beef

Rudy Gobert and Shaq have been embroiled in a beef for about two years now. While Gobert had largely forgotten about it all, it has become clear that Shaq has no interest in letting any of this go. Instead, he wants to make it even more intense, and that is going to be the case for a long time. For instance, in a recent episode of his podcast, Shaq went in on Gobert, claiming that he could never guard him and that he isn’t that good of a player.“12 points? Yeah, in the first three minutes,” Shaq said. “Let me tell you something, man. It’s against my religion for somebody to hold me one-on-one. I take that personally. I do. […] First play of the game I always used to look and see what the defense is going to do. Like ‘Okay, he’s doubling from Spice [Adams]. Spice is going to be wide open for the jumper. Like, I always look at the first play. But if I get it and nobody’s coming, I take that as a sign of disrespect. You know what I’m going to do to him? He’s a shot blocker. You can’t shoot a shot. You’ve got to back his little skinny ass up under the rim. Show him the ‘bow so he gets scared and just go up.”Last night, Charles Barkley decided to make fun of Shaq over this situation. As you can see in the clip down below, Charles took Gobert’s side, saying “He’s gonna hurt kids in the stands blocking yo shot.”This prompted some hearty laughs on the set and there is no doubt that even Shaq finds the humor here. Of course, Shaq is a legend compared to Gobert, but it would be interesting to see these two battle each other in their respective primes.Let us know which player would win a one-on-one, in the comments down below.

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