Brittney Griner Gets Disappointing News From Russian Officials: Details

Brittney Griner has been in a Russian jail since February, and many are worried about her condition given the circumstances of her detainment. As the story goes, Griner was allegedly caught with cannabis oil on her while trying to leave the country. This is very much against the law in Russia and as a result, the WNBA superstar was detained, and she hasn’t been able to come home since.In the aftermath of this, the United States government has been putting together teams tasked with bringing her home. As it stands, the government is working with her family and Phoenix Mercury teammates to make sure she can come home safely. Unfortunately, these efforts have not amounted to much, thus far.Mike Mattina/Getty ImagesAccording to TMZ, Griner got some bad news recently as it was revealed that she will need to be detained for another two and a half weeks. Over a month ago, she was given an extra month in prison, and now, she will be there until at least July 2nd. From there, it is believed that the justice system will take its course, which since she is in Russia, could be a very harrowing experience.With this report in mind, it is important to note that the U.S. government is still continuing its efforts to bring her home. Many believe her detainment is completely unjust, and advocates are pushing for her to come back as soon as possible.Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates on this story.Christian Petersen/Getty Images[Via]

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