Brandy Jokingly Threatens To Rap Circles Around Jack Harlow Over His Own Beats

Brandy is easily one of the most influential and impactful R&B artists of all time. However, it seems like some aren’t fully aware of her contributions to music and entertainment over the span of a nearly 30-year career. Last week, Jack Harlow caused an uproar on the timeline after a clip from his interview with Hot 97 surfaced. Ebro, Laura Styles, and Peter Rosenberg attempted to get Jack to guess Brandy’s “Angel In Disguise,” which he failed to do. The show’s hosts even offered him some pretty obvious hints. “Her brother is the reason why a lot of people are famous,” Rosenberg said.Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesHarlow admitted that he had no idea that Ray J and Brandy were related, let alone siblings. “Brandy & Ray J are siblings?! Nobody’s ever told me that in my life,” he said.Twitter had many thoughts on Jack Harlow’s ignorance of Brandy’s catalog and impact. While the backlash seemingly died down in the past few days, Brandy offered an official response on Tuesday morning and it seems she’s prepared to go bar-for-bar with Harlow if needed.”I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing is ass to sleep,” she wrote before adding that she doesn’t actually have any hard feelings towards Jack Harlow. Some fans noted that Brandy was a few days late to the viral clip. “I know I’m mad late… but it was a joke♥️ I didn’t know he rapped so I was just Poking,” Brandy continued. “but I see now this was a big thing a few days ago.”Check her response below. 

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