Boosie Speaks On His Viral Arrest Video, “I’m Being Targeted & Harassed”

Earlier this week, Boosie Badazz, had a run-in with the cops that was captured on film. The Louisiana artist was pulled over due to his vehicle having dark tint and concealed tags. As reported by HipHopDX, police allegedly smelled marijuana, and ordered the rapper and his friend to step out of the car. From there, they were handcuffed, and Boosie had a lot to say.Prince Williams/Getty ImagesBoosie, born Torrence Hatch Jr., felt that the officers were harassing him. “I gotta go to y’all superiors and file charges, man… It’s every day. I moved to the country to f****** live, bro. I did six years on my back,” he had stated. Following this, the rapper became irate, threatening law enforcement and claiming to sue them.”I’ll spit on every nurse in that b*tch,” he started, “I’m [going to] make you charge me. I’m [going to] show you how I get down when I get locked up.” The officer’s body cam footage went viral, being seen, and talked about, by thousands of people on the internet.This prompted the “Set It Off” artist to make a statement. The 39-year-old posted a video on social media which started with him saying, “Check this out, man, I lost my cool this morning… I’ve been being targeted.” He continued by adding that he’s been getting pulled over consistently since going to Georgia.”I’m doing right. I ain’t in no trouble. I don’t f*ck with nobody. I ain’t in no beef out here,” he ranted. He went on to admit that most police in the city actually respect him– yet he’s still being sought after and pestered. Nonetheless, the father of seven is going down without a fight. “I ain’t gone back down. I ain’t doing nothing wrong,” he concluded.Watch the clip below.

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