Boosie Badazz Made His Girlfriend Remove Her Breast Implants

Boosie Badazz can always be relied on for some hot takes. He recently stated that the music industry is moving away from gangbanging rappers, and at another point he took aim at Mark Zuckerberg after Instagram took down one of his posts, saying, “I wake up every morning hoping your jet crash.”Boosie is also known to frequent the VladTV studio to drop off some controversial remarks, and that’s what he did recently. DJ Vlad asked Boosie about his opinion on male Brazilian Butt Lifts, and Boosie said he had never heard of the procedure. He continued to say that he had never paid for a BBL for a woman, but he had paid for a breast implant surgery, as well as a surgery to take them out. Prince Williams/Wireimage”I don’t like BBL’s,” Boosie told DJ Vlad. He said that women have asked him for the money to get the procedure done, but he never acted on the request. He then shifted to breast implants, which is a whole other story for the rapper. “I bought some titties,” Boosie said. “Then one of my b***hes, my new b***h, we had broke up, she went and got her titties done and when we got back together, I made her go back and take them out.”Boosie explained his reasoning, saying that the breast implants were done to push his buttons. “I think it was to get back at me,” he said. “She knew I didn’t want that. She had got like some… I don’t know. They wasn’t much bigger because I didn’t notice ’em. I didn’t notice ’em at first. She had fell and I noticed them… But she did it out of spite.”Boosie coughed up 10K to have them removed, and claims it was worth every cent. “Those muthaf**kas so soft now,” he said. “Those muthaf**kas like gummy bears. And I never touched them when she got ’em done, like I never sucked them. I never touched them ’cause I love her naturality. Now they like gummy bears.”Check out the video below.[via]

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