Bobby Shmurda Is Upset: “Producers Are Asking For Some Crazy Sh*t”

Things are moving right along for Bobby Shmurda as he crafts out his next project, however, he has revealed a few hiccups he’s run into along the way. The newly-independent rapper is tapping into unchartered territory in his career, but he has a strong team that is making sure each decision is made to his benefit. Still, Shmurda shared in a social media post that he is tired of certain people trying to take advantage of him—specifically, producers and beatmakers.”These producers is giving me the hardest time right now,” said Shmurda. “I never seen not sh*t like this before. I remember these — it can’t be that bad outside, my n*gga.””I done made over half a million for the year, can’t be that bad outside,” he continued. “I’m trying to drop my project, but these n*gga is asking me clearances and these f*ckin’ producers are asking for some crazy sh*t. I don’t know what rumors is going around, they think, ‘Oh Bobby just droppin’ bags, this, that, whatever.’ Givin’ no n*ggas $10,000, $8,000 for no f*ckin’ producer.”Beatmakers weren’t Shmurda’s only target, because he got even more heated when he touched on receiving tracks from his peers.”Who the f*ck told you n*ggas to f*ckin’ make songs with ten motherf*ckers on the song? B*tch n*gga,” the rapper said as he unloaded a barrage of expletives to drive home his point. Still no word on when that debut will arrive, but you can check out Bobby Shmurda’s ire below. 

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