Blueface’s Artist Chrisean Rock Arrested On Warrant In New Orleans: Report

There must be something in the air because rappers have been having a tough time with the law. This week, there have been reports of Young Thug and Gunna’s arrests in the RICO shakedown of YSL, Casanova taking a plea deal in his case, and Calboy being wanted by authorities in Georgia over an alleged assault. The news continues to roll in now that Hollywood Unlocked has stated rapper Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s artist and lady friend, was once again arrested.It was back in February when Rock was taken into custody in Oklahoma. She reportedly stole Blueface’s car and it was later suggested that she was attempting to drive cross country to Baltimore where she is from. Blueface and Wack 100 would release statements and videos calling out Rock, but her romance with the rapper is back on. They’ve been sharing posts of their loved-up meetings and Rock has even engaged in social media wars with the pregnant mother of Blueface’s child, but he has yet to speak on Rock’s recent arrest.Reports state that Rock wasn’t just charged with the theft of Blueface’s car; she was also reportedly hit with drug offenses including possession and distribution. A police report shared by HU further showed that Rock’s recent run-in occurred in New Orleans as she is said to have had a bench warrant in Oklahoma, but it is unclear if she remains in custody or if Blueface’s team is handling her situation.Check it out below.

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