Bankroll Freddie Drops “Water” Featuring Young Dolph

Bankroll Freddie is a rapper hailing from Helena, Arkansas. Known for his utilization of trap beats and lyrics that reflect his lifestyle, the 27-year-old has had his fair share of hit records. While being in the industry, Bankroll became very close with the late rapper, Young Dolph. The two collaborated on a few songs and held a tight bond until Dolph’s death last November.Yesterday (July 29), Freddie released his newest mixtape, From Trap To Rap 2. Equipped with 13 tracks, the fifth song on the project, “Water,” featured a verse from the South Memphis artist. Lasting three-and-a-half minutes, the song mainly talked about the plethora of jewelry both of the artists own and how it all glistens. Freddie started the song by rapping, “All these chains around my neck look like a slave master.”Making the hook memorable, he rhymed, “I got ice round my neck/Water/Watch on my wrist/Water/Ring on my hand/Water.”Keeping the same energy in his verse, Dolph talked about being iced out in VS diamonds. He also flexed about his riches, saying, “Just made me a quarter million dollars off of two shows.”Stream the record below. Rest in peace, Dolph.Quotable LyricsRappers come round me And get intimidated or exposedThe streets, that’s what I choseThe streets, that’s all I know

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