Antonio Brown Reveals Where He Wants To Retire

Antonio Brown’s playing career is in a very weird spot right now. After his epic meltdown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season, no one really knows what is in store for him. Sure, he is doing a lot in the music realm, but there is no real sense that he will return to the field this year. Of course, Brown still has plenty of talent, but there aren’t a ton of teams rushing to take a risk on him.For now, Brown seems to be more interested in Donda Sports, where he is Kanye West’s right hand man. This opportunity is proving to be quite lucrative for him and it may very well make him more money than his actual football career.Elsa/Getty ImagesEither way, Brown is currently thinking about his potential retirement, as he took to Twitter with one wish for when the time down come. Effectively, he hopes to retire with a team that he knows all too well.”Just wanna Retire A Steeler,” Brown said. “Not Play Jus Retire so we Clear.”It remains to be seen if Brown will want to play for another team in between that, but the idea of it is very interesting. As for this very specific wish, it will be completely up to the Steelers to honor it. 

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