Antonio Brown Performs At Rolling Loud, Twitter Reacts

Antonio Brown is known less for his moves on stage and more for his moves on the football field, but the wide receiver made waves at Rolling Loud this weekend for the former. The star football player is continuing his ventures into the music industry, and Twitter is clearly amused.In a video of the performance, Brown can be seen doing a unique dance move as he performs, shimmying his arms back and forth as one might imagine a T-Rex would have done in Cretaceous times. The internet was quick to weigh in on the move.”Mom: Show em that lil dance you be doin. Me:” wrote @RonnieAustion of the dance. Some only had respect for the wide receiver. “AB bank accounts are probably outstanding,” wrote @wegotnext12. “He’s living his dreams. He’s on to number two. How many of you are living just 1?” @sumpreme_chief1 agreed, writing, “Y’all hating… This is probably one of the best songs an athlete has ever put out.”Other users were less impressed. “Not Lil AB Vert,” @_Kvn24 wrote. “Man threw away a football career that would have put him in the hall of fame for this lmao,” wrote @taj_ethan49ers. “He gave up football for this?” @daniibabieee added in disbelief.Others had more mixed reviews. “This performance is awful, but the song don’t sound too bad,” mused @BGTheIceberg. “He’s such a handsome asshole,” wrote @iluvsemi.Check out more social media reviews of the performance below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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