Andrew Wiggins Puts Luka Doncic On A Poster, NBA Twitter Reacts

Just a few years ago, Andrew Wiggins was considered a huge draft bust. After being selected first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers, Wiggins was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves where he largely struggled for a long period of time. His numbers were never bad but they were never indicative of a player who should have been picked first overall.Ever since going to Golden State, Wiggins has been able to resurrect his career, and last night, he had the game of his life, scoring 27 points as the Warriors are now just one game away from yet another Finals appearance. What made this game so perfect for Wiggins was the highlight below, in which he put Luka Doncic on a poster with a monstrous dunk.The play was called for an offensive foul although after review, the bucket was given to Wiggins. As you can imagine, this dunk prompted a whole bunch of reactions from the internet, who could not believe what Wiggins was able to pull off. After all, Doncic is the best player on the Mavericks, and the dunk was a demonstration of just how bad this series has gone for the Mavericks.Wiggins is one of the few players on the Warriors without a title which makes him hungrier than anyone else. Perhaps that hunger will lend itself well to a huge NBA Finals showing.

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