Andre Iguodala Reveals If He Deserved Finals MVP Over Steph Curry

Back in 2015, the NBA world was surprised to see that Andre Iguodala won Finals MVP over Steph Curry. Iguodala was instrumental in defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers as he helped shut down LeBron James who didn’t have Kyrie Irving to back him up. Despite Iguodala’s solid play, there were many who felt that Steph was more deserving especially since he was the one who really took the team to the promised land throughout the season.Even today, there are critics who claim that Steph’s legacy isn’t complete due to his lack of Finals MVPs. The 2015 Finals stand out in that regard, and recently, Iguodala was asked by The Athletic about whether or not he truly deserved that MVP. In his answer, Iggy was diplomatic saying that based on the circumstances, he thinks he was still deserving.Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images“As I said, I think it was well deserved. I just made the most of the opportunity,” Iguodala said. “The scheme was set up for me to beat (James). And that doesn’t happen too often in the finals. Normally it’s the guy who’s the favorite, (who has) the odds, those are the guys who always get the NBA Finals MVP. And I think that I just made the most of the opportunity.”Iguodala’s MVP is certainly something that will be debated for years to come, however, it is clear that he is at peace with whatever decision was made that year. Perhaps now, NBA fans can stop harping on this little piece of ancient history.Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images[Via]

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