Anderson .Paak Tapped By BTS To Drum During Their “Yet To Come” Performance: Watch

BTS fans who tuned into the K-Pop group’s Living Proof celebration on Monday, June 13th received an extra special surprise in the form of a guest appearance from Silk Sonic superstar, Anderson .Paak.As Billboard reports, the 36-year-old joined the Korean stars to play the drums while they performed their recently released R&B ballad, “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).”Cindy Ord/Getty Images.Paak showed out how instrumental skills while RM, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook all took turns rapping and singing their way through the three-minute and 13-second long Proof album disc one closer, which includes a momentary nod to Kanye West’s “Touch the Sky.”After the rousing song came to an end, BTS pulled their guest over for some hugs, also asking him to share his opinion on the song. “I love it, it reminds me of church,” the California native told them, wearing a groovy-cream coloured suit with his hair styled in his signature bowl cut.Much to the supergroup’s amazement, .Paak also delivered a few phrases in their native language, dubbing “Yet to Come” an “amazing” track.The Malibu hitmaker admitted that he has his son, Soul Rasheed, to thank for introducing him to BTS. “I’ve been obsessed, I’ve been ARMY ever since,” he said.Twitter users were pleasantly surprised to see Anderson .Paak’s arrival on their screen, with some even pointing out that the recording artist previously expressed an interest in working with the foreign stars on Twitter, seemingly manifesting the special moment for himself – read more about that here, and check out social media’s reaction to the show below.[Via]

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