Amber Rose Doesn’t Believe In God, Says Jesus Dying For Sins Is “Manipulative”

Amber Rose has always marched to the beat of her own drummer, even if it results in a lot of hate. Recently, the model and TV personality gave rapping a shot, releasing a song in June called “GYHO” which stands for “Get Your Hoe On.” The song was not exactly a hit.Now Rose is back with some more thoughts. In a recent interview with Raquel Harper on her podcast It’s Tricky, Amber Rose opened up about her religious beliefs. When asked if she believes in God, Amber responded in the negative.Bennett Raglin/Getty ImagesFirst, Amber clarified what Raquel meant by God. “Like a higher power? That was like, ‘Here’s people, and here’s the earth, and here’s planets?’ No,” Amber said. Raquel then asked what Rose did believe in, to which Rose responded, “I more so believe in science than like an invisible entity named God was like, ‘Let there be light.’ It just seems far-fetched to me.”When asked if she’s ever gone to church, Rose said she had, but wasn’t convinced. “I just don’t believe Jesus died and like came back to life for my sins,” she explained. “I just believe that’s like crazy. That’s ludicrous. I believe it’s manipulative.” Rose also crossed Scientology off the list. To her, science and the theory of evolution seem to make more sense. She also noted that Buddhism appealed to her, explaining that she saw it more as a philosophy than a religion, which she’s attracted to. Check out Amber discussing her religious beliefs below.[via]

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