Alchemist Jokingly Reveals His Favorite Beat He’s Ever Made

The Alchemist is one of the hottest producers in hip hop working today. Most rappers who have worked with him only have positive things to say. Among other projects, the producer teamed up with Freddie Gibbs to make the critically acclaimed album Alfredo back in 2020, and recently he’s been on tour with Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, and Boldy James.With this impressive line of work, Alchemist has a lot of high quality beats in his portfolio. In an exchange on Twitter, the super producer revealed which of the beats took the top spot in his mind.Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesAlchemist was prompted by the Twitter user @evotypebeat, who asked, “Favourite beat you’ve ever made?” The producer responded, “The countdown music that plays on YouTube right before a video premieres.” It seems like Alchemist is kidding, since the YouTube premiere music was recently credited to producer Bryce Goggin, a successful industry player in his own right who has produced for the likes of Pavement, The Morning Glories, and Phish.The question did prompt many users to offer their own more serious answers, citing a variety of songs from all over Alchemist’s career. The producer has been giving us many more options to choose from lately. He and Curren$y just dropped the collaborative album Continuance, which Curren$y spoke to us about back in March. The project included features from Babyface Ray, Boldy James, Styles P, and Wiz Khalifa. The producer also just shared some “gems” from his phone in a new YouTube series.Check out Alchemist’s reply to his fan below, and let us know what you think his best beat is in the comments.

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