Akademiks Exposes DMs From Doja Cat: “You’re A Low-Life Piece Of Shit”

DJ Akademiks is no stranger to scandal, and during the most recent episode of his hit podcast, he and DJ Vlad discussed a past beef that the host had with “Ain’t Shit” singer Doja Cat.”[She] sent me a bunch of messages,” Ak said of the 26-year-old. “It was weird, it was when I was covering the whole thing about like… She was in some white supremacist chat rooms,” he added, mentioning a past scandal that the Planet Her hitmaker found herself immersed in a while back.The Off the Record host went on to say that his coverage of the resurfacing made Doja “really upset,” even pulling up the receipts from their DMs. “She was like, ‘This is why I don’t like you, man. This the only reason.'”The 31-year-old then played a voice memo from the Californian. “No, your problem is that you exploit people,” she can be heard saying. “You exploit people’s depression, you exploit people’s mistakes, and you try to bring attention to things that don’t need attention, and that makes you a sick person.”Akademiks couldn’t wrap his head around why Doja would call him a “sick person,” also mentioning that her first message to him was allegedly, “Nobody likes you.”Emma McIntyre/Getty Images “I said, ‘That’s cool, I don’t like anyone either.’ She’s like, ‘You’re a low-life piece of shit.’ I was laughing, and she was like, ‘I really don’t like you at all.'”The online entertainer said he told Doja to “get in [her] feelings some more” before she responded with, “It’s easy for someone like you to say that with no feelings.” “I literally was trying to tell her, ‘Yo, listen. You’re popular now, this is a game.’ Right? Like if I came from some weird shit, people are gonna have a few questions about it. I don’t sit here judging her for that now,” he said of her past drama – check it all out below.

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