Adam Silver Reveals NBA’s Efforts To Bring Brittney Griner Home

Brittney Griner is currently in Russia where she has been classified by the United States as “wrongfully detained.” According to reports, she was trying to leave Russie when she was stopped at the airport with some sort of Cannabis oil. This is a big crime in the country and Griner was ultimately placed in jail where she is now awaiting her trial.In the aftermath of this arrest, the United States has been trying to get Griner home, and there seems to be a large scale effort from the government to get her home sooner rather than later.Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesRecently, Adam Silver spoke to Malika Andrews of ESPN where he noted that the NBA and the WNBA are trying very hard to get her back. In fact, Silver said this is a huge priority for the league right now and that they just want to see justice take place swiftly.”The league — and by that, both the WNBA and its brother league, the NBA — we have a huge responsibility to Brittney Griner as one of our players,” Silver said. “Cathy Engelbert, the commissioner of the WNBA, is on this issue every single day. I’m working side-by-side with her.”Griner will be in jail for at least one more month before her eventual trial. In the meantime, stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates from this case.

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