A$AP Rocky On “Drink Champs”: Rapper Says He Aspires To Remain “Genuine” With Rihanna

A$AP Rocky’s Drink Champs interview premiered earlier today, and over the course of two hours and 12 minutes, fans can listen to the “Distorted Records” hitmaker dish on everything from his collaborations with Mercer and Price to his preparation for his quickly approaching daddy duties and relationship with Rihanna.At one point during his conversation with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, the hosts turn the conversation toward the former’s relationship with his long-time wife, Neri Santiago, which was well-documented on WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip-Hop Edition.Marcelo Hernandez/Getty ImagesRocky, who was familiar with the show, praised his interviewer, saying, “I could see the realness between both of y’all and shit like that and I could really tell, like, y’all been through some shit together, y’all been through a journey and it’s real.”The 33-year-old and his girlfriend are no strangers to going through their own issues – just a few weeks ago, they were plagued by infidelity rumours that were quickly shot down, although it wasn’t long before more disaster struck as A$AP was arrested at LAX for his alleged involvement in a Hollywood shooting late last year.”And that’s what I aspire to keep,” the New York native told N.O.R.E. of his own relationship with Rih. “Just genuine real shit, just f*ck what the outside world got going on, f*ck what the outside world think and shit like that. It’s really about an understanding between two components – you and your significant other,” he concluded.Elsewhere in his chat, Rocky refused to entertain opinions about Travis Scott stealing his style – read more about that here, and check out his full Drink Champs interview below.[Via]

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