50 Cent Mentions DaBaby When Commenting On Dave Chappelle’s Attacker

Once again, 50 Cent is adding his voice to a pop culture conversation. We’ve extensively reported on the updates related to the attack on Dave Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this week. The famed comedian was making an appearance at the Netflix Is A Joke Festival when 23-year-old Isaiah Lee, armed with a knife, rushed the stage and tackled Chappelle. The comedian’s security detail quickly answered the call and backstage, Lee was said to have received quite the beatdown.The after-effects of Lee’s interaction with security were revealed as the reported rapper was being led out of the venue looking severely battered and bruised. He reportedly faces several misdemeanor charges but managed to escape a felony.Meanwhile, as the news has been shared from one end of the world to another, social media has weighed in heavily with opinions. Of course, Will Smith and Chris Rock’s names have been mentioned, and there have been reports out of Los Angeles that famous comedy clubs are now increasing their security out of fear that attacks on comedians will become a trend.50 Cent previously commented on Lee’s arrest and injuries, and he returned to add more commentary.”Oh Sh*t, is the LGBTQ gonna kill dave right in front of us ?” Fif questioned. “He had a weapon a gun, knife how he or she don’t get charged? [shrug emoji] The world is over, Fvck this. [laughing emoji] @dababy they would have charged your ass for thinking about doing that. LOL.” Check it out below.

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