1 Dead And 3 Injured In D.C. Shooting

A mass shooting took place in D.C. last Sunday night in the U Street area, leaving a 15-year-old dead and three others injured, including a police officer. The shooting took place near 14th and U Streets in Northwest Washington, an area that is known for its dining, shopping, and nightlife activities. The streets were packed with hundreds of people attending “Moechella,” a music festival held to commemorate Juneteenth.Before the tragedy occurred, a string of events took place that impacted the event’s safety. Metropolitan Police Department officials reported an incident in which MPD had to break up a fight, according to Chief Robert Contee.Soon after, he said, there was another emergency when “people started to scatter” and they were trampling over each other. Police shut down the concert, as it was deemed unsafe by authorities.These events happened between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m., according to police, and took place at a Moechella-associated event. Both organizers did not have a permit to host their events. MPD was assisting in keeping the hundreds of people on the streets on the sidewalk.Police recovered a firearm while assisting people who were trampled, according to Contee. Local authorities reported that the shooting happened after the previous incidents that caused the festival to be shut down.The firearm used in the shooting has not been recovered by police, and no suspect is yet in custody. The three adults injured in the shooting, including the police officer, are recovering in a hospital in the area, according to police. The D.C. Police Union tweeted that the officer is “in stable condition.”Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of victims and the community of D.C.[via]

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